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History in the Making

From a crazy idea to reality.

The Tap Truck mobile bar saga continues in Okanagan.


About Tap Truck Okanagan

Tap Truck Okanagan is owned and operated by Scott Adams and Quentin Thiesen. They met playing basketball and both still share a passion for the game. Quentin grew up in Kelowna while Scott grew up in Kitimat and moved to Kelowna from Prince Rupert. During the summer of 2019, Scott attended several outdoor events with his wife Kerry. She commented there had to be a better way to serve craft beer than from behind a folding table and in a tub of ice. The search was on to find that better way. Soon after Scott discovered Tap Truck USA.  Beer and classic pickup trucks. What a great combo. Scott mentioned the idea to Quentin and Tap Truck Okanagan was on the road. Both Quentin and Scott have always had a craving for finding the best local craft beers, wines and ciders and who doesn’t like vintage trucks. The two combined are excited to be doing what they love most and will never get tired of seeing people’s reactions to the truck!

Taylor Steers  and Corbin O’Reilly began Tap Truck in San Diego, which is arguably the craft beer capital of the United States. Since the start of Tap Truck, the company has expanded to over twenty-five cities throughout North America and is still continuously growing! Thankfully, Tap Truck has now made its way to Kelowna. Tap Truck Okanagan is the first location in Canada!

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